Welcome To Student Insights

Student Insights knows what teachers need because it has been used and designed by teachers to solve the problems that so many have. A systemic approach to assessment in schools has many benefits in relation to management, information sharing and reporting. Student Insights can remove the need for systems based on paper, whilst providing the convenience and ability to aggregate and share information. It offers the benefit of being able to provide diagnostic and summative reports.

Student Insights support this process by providing a system that offers flexibility, versatility and many features to support the analysis of the Subject Content and the planning of the Programme of Study. We have designed this system to be very easily manipulated and tailored to suit the needs of the school and Subject. It will aggregate information across school subjects avoiding the problems of managing and aggregating many spreadsheets. It will provide a convenient system to help record an overview of how each pupil is Mastering the Subject Content. It will provide a method for tracking the progress of pupils towards their expected number grades at key stage 4 and for diagnostic and summative reporting.